Although it's no substitute for a massage with a trained therapist, you might be surprised how much you can do for yourself!

During the COVID-19 lockdown period I devised a sequence of self-massage techniques based on my knowledge of Raynor and Japanese Acupressure massage techniques. These techniques can help ease tension, promote blood flow and allow you to experience a heightened sense of physical and emotional welllbeing.

Although it was created in lockdown, self-massage can be a valuable tool to have at your disposal to ease tension where and whenever you need.⁠

The sessions are designed to be safe collaborative environments where we learn and practice together.⁠

All workshops are done over Zoom Video Conferencing App

Workshop 1 - Head, Face, Neck and Shoulders

These are the easiest areas to massage yourself and those that you recieve the most immediate benefit from. If you have been sat in front or a screen or at a desk all day, these techniques can really help alleviate the tension that can build up from clenching around the face and head and holding your shoulders and neck in position.

Workshop 2 - Hands, Arms and Upper Torso

Great for if you have been doing desk work at home, creative projects that use fine motor skills, or manual work that requires a lot of movement or bracing with the hands and arms. The upper torso techniques can also help with backpain and shoulder pain and help increase respiratory effectiveness

Workshop 3 - Feet, Legs and Lower Torso

Great if you're a runner or on your feet alot. Also if you experience lower back pain. The feet can be a very powerful place to work on and can really help you to relax mentally as well as physically.